Postman's Minitest
Source: Dr. James McCabe

Hi Folks, As many of you are already aware, phrasal verbs form an essential ingredient of everyday spoken English. So, to practise these a little, Postman has devised this little test. Have fun !


1. You're in a meeting, and would like to talk about one issue. Do you :

Put it forward ? Bring it up ? Get round to it ? Come across it ?

To bring up: etwas zur Sprache bringen


2. You're writing an e-mail to a workmate in another location, who will visit you this week. Do you ask him to:

Tag along ? Look up ? Drop by ? Look after you ?

To drop by: vorbeikommen


3. You're giving a presentation, and would like to focus on one key point. Do you:

Put it forward ? Get it across ? Put up with it ? Hone in on it ?

To hone in on: konzentrieren


4. You're on the telephone, and would like to transfer the line. Do you:

Switch it over ? Put it through ? Bring it forward ? Catch up with it ?

To switch over: To transfer


5. You're trying to timetable a meeting earlier than planned. Do you:

Call it off ? Bring it forward ? Come round to it ? Bring it up ?

To bring forward: vorziehen


6. You're making a complaint by phone - do you tell them:

You're not going to put it up ? You're not going to bear it out ? You're not going to put up with it ? You're not going to put it through ?

To put up with: sich abfinden mit


7. You're making smalltalk with an English speaking workmate. Do you ask:

Where he hangs out ? Where he hangs around ? Where he hangs out of ? Where he hangs up ?

To hang out: sich herumtreiben


8. You're in a negotiation, and want to say you're not open to further suggestions. > Do you tell them:

You're sticking to your point. You're sticking by any other suggestions. You're making do with other offers. You're making off with other offers

To stick to: bleiben bei


9. You're timing a meeting provisionally. Do you ?

Write it off ? Write it up ? Take it in ? Pencil it in ?

To pencil in: vorläufig vormerken

10. You wish to accompany your contact to the main gate at the end of a meeting. Do you :

a. See him out ? b. See him through ? c. See after him ? d. See through him ?

To see (someone) out: hinausbegleiten


<<< Cheers, Postman >>>


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